LANCE PANIGUTTI: Co-Founder of Without Limits Productions, has been competing at the highest level of triathlon for over 14 years, racing domestically and internationally as an ITU level Pro.  Lance's passion for event production came during his college years while working as an ocean lifeguard at Compo Beach (Westport, CT).  "I use to create rescue relays, Ironguard/rescue challenge,  and things everyone else thought couldn't be done!  My only regret is never rescue boarding across Long Island Sound."  


When I came back to the sport post 2005 and started racing professionally around the world, I'd come home to the local Colorado scene and realized something was missing.  That same affordable, professionaly executed, but welcoming race feel that I experienced growing up was no where to be found.


With my older brother, and co-founder Tony, I was able to take the same creative mentality from my Summer college days and realized every race is a piece of art.  "You can shape and mold it any way you'd like, but what it comes down to in the end is giving people something they've never seen before.  It's all about giving the athletes something that will test their sense of challenge, awaken their competitive spirit, and change their lifestyle in a positive light.  No two races, pieces of art, or two experiences are ever the same, so it's about giving that WOW factor each and every time out!"


TONY PANIGUTTI: Co-Founder of Without Limits Productions has been involved in endurance sports for over 20 years. Participating in sports from an early age, and most recently taking that passion to race directing. Coming from a swimming background growing up, Tony competed in his first triathlon in 1996, The Hyannis Sprint Triathlon on Cape Cod, where he was instantly hooked the second he got a glimpse of the finish line. Since that first triathlon Tony has competed in various distances ranging from local sprints, half iron distance races, to national championships. While triathlons are his main focus, that doesn't stop him from cycling races, running events, skiing, mountain biking, and many other athletic pursuits. You're as likely to see him standing next to you at the starting line of your local race as you are holding the bullhorn at a Without Limits Event.


"It was such an incredible feeling to finish my first triathlon that I can remember it so vividly 14 years later. To organize events and see others achieve their goals and dreams is what race directing is all about."