JULY 12th, 2020


Sunday July 12th, 2020 - CANCELLED

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Dear Boulder Sports Chiropractic Boulder Peak Athletes,


Thank you for your continued patience and understanding as we worked to determine the status of the Boulder Sports Chiropractic Boulder Peak Triathlon. Our goal is to continue communicating final decisions at the 30-day mark, but recent new event guidelines released over the past 10 days have caused some delays as health departments process the new policies. As some of you have seen via various Colorado news channels, we are now moving to a new phase on July 1st called “Protect Our Neighbors”. This new phase does begin to loosen restrictions regarding gathering size and is the first phase to truly address the outdoor event industry. However, it’s important to remember that each county health department has the option to adopt these guidelines, apply for a special variance, or continue to enforce the “Safer At Home” restrictions.


In the case of Boulder Peak, Boulder County is extending their restriction of 100 maximum gathering size through July, thereby forcing us to cancel the July 12th, Boulder Sports Chiropractic Boulder Peak Triathlon. Since 1991, the Boulder Peak Triathlon has experienced its ups and downs, but has always found a way to survive. This season will be no different. All registered athletes, and those who elected to transfer from the Colorado Triathlon, will be receiving an additional email with special instructions regarding their entry.


Although some may disagree, please take to heart and respect that each county is doing what they feel is best for their community. Boulder County is home to many of us, has been our endurance playground for decades, and in time, will become that safe playground again. Look at this phase as a stepping stone, with the subsequent phase hopefully providing the opportunity for our late August and September triathlons.

Based on the “Protect Our Neighbors” guidelines, there is the potential for the Stroke & Strides Series to resume.


Yesterday, we submitted new operation protocols and safety mitigation plans to the city for review. Next steps are a review process by the county and state health departments. We will keep you updated throughout this process as we have with all other events that have been affected.


Our message since late February has been simple and clear: LOVE, CONNECT, SUPPORT. Don’t lose hope in that brighter future, keep finding new ways to love, connect, and support each other as we continue this societal journey of finding unity.


We miss and love each of you that make up the fabric of our endurance community,


Lance and the Entire Without Limits A-Team


The Boulder Peak Triathlon, Duathlon & Aquabike on July 12th is one of the countries longest and most well-known triathlons.  For the veteran or first time racer, this is THE can’t miss event of the summer triathlon season, and the crown jewel of the Colorado Triathlon Series. Racers are tackling the infamous “Olde Stage” Hill, boasting an average 15% grade on their way to the finish line!  This race has earned it's spot on more than a couple notable “Best Triathlons in America” lists.  In 2017, the Boulder Peak was listed as one of the top 15 most amazing triathlons in the United States by The Culture Trip!


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