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OUTDOOR DIVAS TRIATHLON SWIM COURSE (750 Meters sprint and 375 Meters super sprint) 


The triathlon course for the Outdoor Divas Sprint Triathlon will take place at Union reservoir in Longmont, Colorado, offering breathtaking views of the snow-capped mountains only miles away.  The swim course is rectangular shaped, with the swimmers traveling in a counter clockwise direction.  Participants exit the water at the northern end of the course next to the dock/boat ramp and run about 100 yards to the transition area along a carpeted path.  Yes you read that correctly the path from the waters edge to the T/A will be CARPETED!!! The water temperature at Union Reservoir normally ranges between 70-75 this time of year. 

Longmont Triathlon Swim Course Map



The Single-Loop course for the Outdoor Divas Triathlon is now construction free and smooth as ever.  This course has everything a sprint triathlon could ask for; flat sections that are wide-open for passing and fully closed to traffic on CR1, rolling hills on CR7 & CR5.5, wide-shoulders, and smooth asphalt.  Please be sure to review the map.

Longmont Triathlon Bike Course Map

OUTDOOR DIVAS TRIATHLON RUN COURSE (3.1 Miles sprint and 2 Miles super Sprint)


The 5K run is an out & back course along the dirt road adjacent to Union reservoir, with only one short hill to climb just before mile 1.  On the way back don't forget to look just beyond the water and you'll see a breathtaking view of Longs peak and many other snow capped mountains.  There will be an aid station at just past the 1st mile that you'll hit twice on the out & back course.  

Longmont Triathlon Run Course Map
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