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Friday May 19th, Saturday May 20th, and Sunday May 21st

Superior & Louisville, Colorado

Cycling, like life, is about balance.  Being able to win requires a skill set in all types of terrain, conditions, and formats.  For 2023 we're excited to combine three of our best spring road races into a brand new 3-day omnium.  The best part is that you can pick one day, two days, or race all three.  Scoring in the omnium will reward racers who come out each day, but there's no special requirements to earn points in the final rankings.  Select each day of racing below for more info and to sign-up.  Scroll a bit further down to see our new "easy to follow" omnium points format.

Friday May 19th - Superior Time-Trial and Team Time-Trial

Saturday May 20th - Louisville Criterium

Sunday May 21st - Morgul Road Race

Superior Time-Trial Logo - Day 1.png
Louisville Criterium Logo - Day 2.png


The Superville Omnium is designed to reward the best all around rider, with the most balanced skillset.  It will take a racer with some mountain goat climbing power for Morgul, some cheetah like speed at Louisville, and an individual tactician for the time-trial against the clock.  



- You'll earn points for each top 8 placing per day. 

- You DO NOT need to race all 3 days to score in the final omnium rankings.  

- You CAN race in two categories for the Louisville Criterium 

- There are no points for the Team Time-Trial, only the individual time-trial.

Points for the Time-Trial: 1st - 9 points, 2nd - 8 points, 3rd - 7 points, 4th - 6 points, 5th, - 5 points,

6th - 4 points, 7th - 3 points, 8th - 2 points

Points for the Criterium: 1st - 9 points, 2nd - 8 points, 3rd - 7 points, 4th - 6 points, 5th, -5 points,

6th - 4 points, 7th - 3 points, 8th - 2 points

Bonus Primes for the Criterium: Each category will have 2 bonus sprint primes with the winner be awarded 2 points on thier total ranking. 

Points for the Road Race: 1st - 11 points, 2nd - 10 points, 3rd - 9 points, 4th - 8 points, 5th, - 7 points,

6th - 6 points, 7th - 5 points, 8th - 4 points

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