stagecoach gravel TRIATHLON


AUGUST 6th, 2023


The 750 meter swim course takes place in the cool clear waters of Stagecoach Reservoir.  We expect water temperature to be 70-72 degrees this time of the season, that does mean it's still wetsuit legal.  Swimmers will start in the water for a waste-deep race start, keeping all the buoys on their left hand side for a clock-wise swim.  Once athletes exit the water they'll have a blue carpet lining the path all the way into the transition area!  

Stagecoach Gravel Tri - Overview Map.png


The Stagecoach Gravel Triathlon bike course is what makes this race truly one of a kind!  The course starts out with 2.1 mile of asphalt, it's short and will be over before you know it.  Then it's onto that golden brown dirt that'll transport you into some of the most magical rolling countryside in the Yampa Valley!  Is this course flat and fast?  No, what fun would that be!  This course features a few steady climbs and "turney" descents.  You're more likely to see a baby elk or bear eating berries on the side of the road than a bunch of cars clogging your lane.  On the return trip the final 3 miles transition back to pavement, making the course 11 miles on gravel roads and 5 miles on asphalt.

What bike do you recommend?  Do I have to use a "gravel" bike?  These will be the most two common questions.  The simply answer is you can race this course on a mountain bike, on a "gravel" bike, on a cyclocross bike, or even on a road bike with a minimum of 25mm tires and low psi.  We only ask that you leave your triathlon bike and that disc wheel at home.  

Stagecoach Gravel Triathlon - Bike Cours


If you didn't get enough of that golden brown magic on the bike course it's time to head out on the run.  We warm you up with a 1/2 mile of asphalt before heading out on the gravel trail that hugs the lake.  This is an out and back course, so be sure to high five your friends as you pass, or just make new random friends to high five along the way.  Once across the finish line be sure to hang out for post race refreshments, awards, raffles, and sharing race stories with friends and family.

Stagecoach Gravel Triathlon - Run Course