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As many of you know over the past month Colorado has gone from the Sunshine State to a rain forest.  While a little moisture makes our favorite mountain bike trails nice and tacky, a daily monsoon turns them into soupy mud.  For the past 4 days we have been working very closely with the park staff at Lory State Park.  Even with the park closure over the past two weeks, designed to help keep impact low on the trails, everything was still on track for a successful event on Saturday.  However, the hail and sever deluge that hit the park on Monday night, coupled with impending storms for later this week have left the trail system a in complete shock.  After a close inspection on Tuesday, the 12 mile fast and flowy course we’re all accustomed to has turned into a 12 mile “hike-a-bike”.  The good news is that the Lory State Park Ranger Staff and Horsetooth Reservoir have allowed us to postpone the race to Saturday June 13th, 2015.  Given the 10-day forecast that will allow the trails to dry out and their staff enough time to get things back to a ride able condition.  I know this decision leaves many of you frustrated and with so many questions.  Please read through all the questions below that you currently have.  We thank you for your continued patience as we work through this situation.


Why was this decision made today and not a week ago when the forecast still called for rain?: As we mentioned above, while the park was closed, the trails were still in a race-able shape and the park staff had every intention of moving forward with the event.  The severe storm on Monday night, coupled with an impending storm on Thursday and Friday have left the park trails completely ruined and un-raceable.


Do I have to take any action if the new race date works for me?  No, please just keep training and we’ll see you at the new posted packet pick-ups or on race morning! You do not have to let us know when & where you want to pick up your packet, just show up at any of them and your packet will be waiting, including race morning.


What happens to my entry if I can’t make the new race date: You have a few options, and if you've ever gone through this with us before then you're aware that we typically go above and beyond to take care of you.  Our refund policy states  “should a 2015 triathlon race be canceled for any reason 14 days or less from the race date, we will extend an entry fee credit certificate to athletes enrolled in the canceled race to be used against the entry fee for any single Without Limits Productions race (within the state of Colorado) of choice conducted in 2016. The certificate will be in the amount of $25 and can be used for any Colorado based triathlon.”  However, given the unprecedented circumstances mother natures has presented us with we’d like to offer a couple options to you.


1)     If you can’t make the new date you have the option to transfer into any 2015 Without Limits XTERRA Triathlon, the Bear it All Off Road Triathlon, or a road sprint triathlon at no extra charge.  You can also transfer to Steamboat Olympic with a $75 credit, or the Harvest Moon half Long Course with a $75 credit


2)      If you can’t make an event in 2015 work for your racing schedule we’re offering a $40 - 2016 credit in instead of the $25 credit, but it can only be used for XTERRA Lory next season.


What steps do I need to take to take advantage of the transfer option?  We’ve set up a google doc with your name on it.  Please note the 3rd column states “Transfer”  Step 1) Find your name  Step 2) List the 2015 race you’d like a transfer too (note that the Colorado Sprint Triathlon this Sunday is closed for transfers) Step 3) We’ll take care of the rest and send you a confirmation for your new race.  CLICK HERE FOR THE GOOGLE DOC


What Steps do I need to take to take advantage of the $40 credit option?: We’ve set up a google doc with your name on it.  Please note the 4th column says “2015 $40 Credit”.  Step 1) if this option is for you just write in “YES”  Step 2) We’ll issue you a special credit code when we open registration on Dec 1st, 2015 for all 2016 events.  CLICK HERE FOR THE GOOGLE DOC


What is the deadline to decide which option I want to take (Race on June 13th, Transfer, or $40 credit)?: The deadline is this Saturday May 30th at 8:00am, which was the scheduled start time for XTERRA Lory, at that time we’ll take down the google doc link and your decision will be final.


Is there a silver lining here?: There’s always a silver lining!  All this cold weather and rain left the waters of Horsetooth Reservoir absolutely frigid.  Even Eskimos would have been freezing their buns off out there, so two more weeks of sunshine will warm things up for everyone! Every degree counts!



XTERRA Lory is the perfect kick off to the season for the seasoned off-road triathlete, or a great oppurtunity for the road triathlete wanting to try out a mountain bike triathlon for the first time.


The XTERRA Lory Triathlon features a 1/2 mile swim in the clear waters of Horsetooth Reservoir (Eltuk Bay), it's one of the most scenic swims in the state with canyon walls on both sides.  Then it's on to a 2-Lap (beginner friendly) 12.2 mile single-track bike over rolling terrain, and across valley bridges at Lory State Park.  Then you'll get to finish things off with a fun and challenging 4.8 mile (8k) run through the clouds on single-track trails!  This is the perfect off-road tri for beginners to experts. The course is designed so that anyone can have fun and everyone will be challenged!  Entries will be limited to 325 participants, and we sold out 2011-2014 in early April!

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